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    The Alif Academy is preparing a large elite of elders to provide a service for the preservation of the Holy Koran.

    The student at the Academy, whether or not speaking Arabic, is able to read the Koran and his letter exits are sound.

    Our student learns how to sing in the Koran and read it in Arabic with the right vocal exits and tightly read.

    The application learns the terms of the stay and link.

    All that concerns the preservation of the Quran, whether you speak Arabic or not, has access to the highest places in the preservation of the Holy Koran.

    We identify a program for each application according to its goal of preservation.

    We have Yugoslav programs to preserve the Holy Koran.

    If you listen to the elders, you want to be like them, and you do the right Arab recitation, you won't be better than us.


    You can figure out the Ottoman drawing and the ten reading ranks and choose between them.

    We have pre-prepared programs for all ages and for all nationalities.

    If you are not Arabic – speaking, we can also learn Arabic in conjunction with the preservation of the Holy Koran.

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