During an installation of the WBRM software, you may encounter the following error (or similar):

HTML Code:
Error -2147217865: failed to drop SQL database:
WBRMBackupScheduler, error details: Cannot drop the
database'WBRMBackupScheduler', because it does not
exists or you do not have permission.
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This problem can be attributed to two situations:

1. Complex password:
The problem is related to the password.
The password you may have for the 'sa' user or the 'serveradmin' user may contain wildcard symbols such as * or (") or (') or apostrophe that is unfortunatly being
recognized as an open 'tick' for a string.
That causes the Hashing process to break and then you get the error msg you see above.

Change the password to be without the apostrophe symbol.
First test it by using a simple test password (only for testing of that moment and you are encouraged to modify it immediatly after).
Try something simple like 12345678abcd@test there are no special signs in this password that should cause a break.
If that works, then you know the problem is Password related, and you just need to make your password complex, but exclude the apostrophe or quotes symbol or * .

2. Installation not from Administrator account:
If you are installing the WBRM Utility from an account that is ALSO and administrator, but is not The Administrator, then there is a chance you will hit this message.

Login as Administrator (literally the actual Administrator account) and install it from that user.
Just by adding the current user to the administrators group/privileges may not prove to be enough.