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Hosting Space Files Not Backed Up

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  • Hosting Space Files Not Backed Up

    Installed 7.4.47-beta yesterday. One small hiccup in installation due to the "Windows Auth" issue... resolved! Also found that the SQL creds I had supplied at installation did not carry over into the final settings. I updated these in WBRM Settings, and they tested fine. Now the main issue...

    Went to do a backup to a local folder. The backup completed "successfully", but within the archive the is zero-length and will not open, producing the error "The archive is either in unknown format or is damaged".

    I had exactly the same problem with the native WP hosting space backup mechanism, and I could never get that to work after fiddling for hours with permissions and such. I even installed WP on a different machine, and the native mechanism still failed to work. I tried tracing the issue with Procmon, but couldn't get anywhere with it.

    I'm going to need some help narrowing this issue down.

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    WBRM invokes the WSP (if you write WP I'm thinking WordPress :-) ) API to the Enterprise Server.
    So WBRM backups are in effect a WSP Backup that is being modified AFTER it completed the backup.
    If the WSP is not setup correctly, has issues in the installation, version etc, then this could cause the problem.


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      The issue appears to be thus: in order to back up a hosting space (in v2.0, at least), that space must be neither ‘canceled’ nor ‘suspended’, although the *user* account can be in either of these states. If not in the ‘active’ state, the backup archive will contain those zero-length zip files, but generates no error.