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Some users have quote > 3GB, WebsitePanel may fail to create a backup

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  • Some users have quote > 3GB, WebsitePanel may fail to create a backup

    What's to be done when you receive this warning? Is there a parameter that can be changed to accommodate the backup size?

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    This is a WebsitePanel source code issue.
    We found that 3GB was the threshold that was sometimes successful and sometimes failed.
    It may be related to Server resources or some timeout of some parameters.
    Since we are invoking the APIs of WSP the backup process itself is handled by the WSP.
    While we are working on the BETA version, we are first aiming towards functionality of the avg users which we estimate (and we could very well be wrong) are running <2GB.
    Under the 2GB size, we have not had timeouts of WSP.
    Since we are showing the Quota size in the User's list and you can sort it asc/desc, you can quickly eyeball the large accounts and identify them as odd members to be handled
    with additional backup procedures (for the time being).
    Once we are able to release the WBRM version to the public, we will then aim to explore and understand the reason why there would have a failure for >3GB accounts by WSP.
    The warning is not hindering you from running the backup, it only alerts you of the possible risk involved with those specific accounts.