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WSP 1.2 and rsync/robocopy

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  • WSP 1.2 and rsync/robocopy

    Is it possible to only copy over hosting resource settings (create vhosts, wsp accounts, etc) and NOT the data?
    Cause WSP zip is buggy, most people would want to do robocopy instead.

    Also, does WBRM work on WSP 1.2? Cause that's what I'm stuck with, LOL!

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    We have done most of our testing on 2.x, but from what I recall we also tested on 1.2.1 (it's been a while since).
    Just install and try. It is non-intrusive, so if not working for you, you can uninstall it.

    As for the 'meta' only, that we don't have.
    We invoke the WSP API call, so it is whatever the API has in it.
    We do re-packaging of the backup file afterwords, but the core activity is with the WSP API.


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      Ok, thanks for your response.
      I was also thinking the same as there's very little difference b/w esBackup.asmx.cs API methods of 1.2 and 2.1, since they have kept it backwards compatible.

      May be, I'll rename HostingSpaces dir on server and use wbrm to quickly remap resources and dump metadata out.


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        Give it a try, there is nothing that will be broken if you rename it back once done.
        I'm not sure of the actual value you have from this operation.
        the meta data is all stored in the WebsitePanel database, so you already have this information.


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          Wspak, which is essentially a pseudo zip file, breaks if it's more than 2-3 GB.
          So I want to move user home directory manually to the destination server.
          I'll try and let you know!


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            Yes,. we have this issue referenced in our forum as well.

            I can only suggest you move files from the www of the specific user temporarily for those huge users - to be outside the HostingSpaces directory, and then restore them back to their place upon completion of the backup process.