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Install Error - 2147217865 - failed to drop SQL database

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  • Install Error - 2147217865 - failed to drop SQL database

    Hello, I'm trying to install WBRM utility on one of IIS servers, win2012 and keep getting this error. Like it says in error description, the problem is regarding user permission? I have tried giving user more and more rights- permissions on sql server and also check manually if it can create/drop database, and its working, also it passes "Test connection" with new "sa" type user. I could see created database "WBRMBackupScheduler" on the sql server and also WBRM folder with files where is installed but the installation fails at last step and rollback everything. Any ideas?
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    Check the password solution at the bottom of the post
    Also, we found that if you are NOT logged in as Administrator and instead you are logged in with a user who belongs to Administrators but is not the actual Administrator account itself, there is a chance you will see this problem.
    The solution for this is: Login as Administrator (literally the Administrator account, not a "member of") and then install the WBRM Utility.